Upon arriving in Eyr the Mer Mystaran refugees were surprised to find the waters empty of resident merfolk. Remnants of a long gone pod remained in the ruins of dwellings, and the leavings of tools, weapons, and other treasures left behind, but no trace of their former occupants remained. A lush tropical reef had begun to take back what the mysterious pod had built, a pristine reef teeming with flora and fauna in its place. The warm waters embraced the displaced mer as they made it their new home.

All of the oceans, rivers and estuaries around Eyr belong to a myriad of different watery inhabitants. There are the Merfolk, of all shapes and sizes, creatures with an upper body displaying human traits, but with the tail of a fish or other aquatic hybrid such as an octopus or shark. Merfolk are beautiful by predatory design, and if spotted, should be regarded with respect and a healthy level of caution. Merfolk do not abide by the same moral standards as landwalking folk; while they may look human in many ways, they are beautiful and alien creatures, acting on their own moral codes, or lack thereof. Freedom is the most important value to a mer and can be seen in all aspects of their culture from governance to personal relationships. The Mer are as free as the waves and as such will not be restricted. This often puts them at odds with their lander neighbors.


Note: We do ask that merfolk players avoid using "Water Bubbles" or other similar contraptions or constructs that would allow your character's presence on land magically without splitting tail as these have been abused in the past and have proven disruptive to roleplay.


The Subraces

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  SUBRACES:     Cetorians     Dolphinmer     Eel Mer     Jellyfish Mer     Mermaids     Mermen     Octomer     Orcan     Ray Mer     Selkies     Siren     Tritons  
  HALF-MERFOLK:     Half-Elf     Half-Human