halfmerHalf-Merfolk are the product of a merfolk and elf or human.

Half-merfolk cannot shift into an aquatic form. They will always bear two legs and thus will never have tails nor tendrils. Most half-merfolk have gils and scales that cover their legs or freckle their bodies; however, as half-dolphinmer, half-orcan, and half-selkie are mammals they are the exception to the rule. Certain features such as demeanor, skin patterns, sharp teeth, low light vision, heightened senses, and increased strength or agility may be inherited according to the particular subrace of the merfolk parent, though to a lesser degree.

Humans and elves may pass on their skin, hair, and eye color. No other human nor elven features are inherited by half-mer: half-avariel-mer do not have wings, half-lythari-mer cannot shapeshift into wolf form.

It can be a struggle for the half-mer to fit within merfolk, elven, or human societies. They may feel as if a part of them belongs on land, though they still long for the sea. For that reason, most mer-folk choose to live in coastal villages. As merfolk tend to be a scourge among sailors and fishermen, half-merfolk routinely choose to hide their identity to evade scorn. Among the merfolk, they may find themselves unable to keep up or have as deep a connection to the sea. Forever will they be locked in a world between dry land and salty sea, always feeling like a fish out of water.