Mysts of Eyr - Culture Faire! (May 6-7, 2017)

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Mysts of Eyr - Culture Faire! (May 6-7, 2017)

Postby Blanche.Fralto » Tue Apr 18, 2017 5:22 pm

Mysts of Eyr - Art Cultural Faire!
May 6-7, 2017
Who Can Attend? Everyone! The fair will be set up for two days. Scheduled activities generally held between 5-7PMSLT.
Location: The Beach! (will be ran in conjunction with the Trade Fair! on Saturday)
Sponsor: Itonami Hilltop (aka Scald). Contact if you have questions or wish to schedule something specific.

Cultural Fest is an opportunity to celebrate the diversity of Eyr. It is an event to bring different cultures to understanding through the arts. It is an opportunity to Celebrate!

Art is a phenomenon. Most cultures have some form of art they are proud of. Their swords, their kraters, seashell necklaces, a home cooked meal, leatherwork, tapestry, a dance, a song. Art is widespread and can be found in a variety of mediums - it should be celebrated. Come to Cultural Fest to learn of your neighbor's heritage!

Participation: Scald will host the event. You can simply bring your displays to set up your artwork. There will be simple blankets and tables/crates set up an a common area for you to show your items. Your character is not required to bring anything, but encouraged to to wear or bring things of their heritage if able. An Open mind is /strongly/ suggested

No planned combat or interruptions but minor interruptions allowed. Drunks, clumsiness, etc.
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