Up in Smoke {07/10 @ 1pm}

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Up in Smoke {07/10 @ 1pm}

Postby Jens Ixchel » Mon Mar 07, 2016 5:06 pm

Up in Smoke
Gambling Events held at The Night Cap

Who is invited?
Anyone who has gone five minutes without doing a line of Grey Dust off a poker table. Scoundrels, pirates, thieves, and paupers are all welcome. (Minor thievery is allowed, just don't get caught or you might lose a hand)

What should you wear?
Whatever won't be stolen off your back.

What is going to happen?
Let your possessions and your worries go up in smoke! Come on down to Ebon Reach to make your fortune and spend it all on the lovely goods supplied by the Night Cap.

Various dice, card, and other gambling games. (All decided by mystara hud dice rolls) Players will put items in the pot that are roughly equivalent in value before playing their game.

Game 1, dice: Two players roll dice against each other. The highest roll, two out of three wins.

Game 2, door prize: Host rolls dice. Whoever rolls closest to the npc roll gets the prize.

Game 3, roulette: Players bet on which slot the dice will land on. Winner gets the pot. If there are more than two winners, the pot is split. If no one wins, the pot rolls over to the next round.
1. 1-10
2. 11-20
3. 21-30
4. 31-40
5. 41-50
6. 51-60
7. 61-70
8. 71-80
9. 81-90
0. 91-100

Other game suggestions are welcome.

Are interruptions allowed?
Pickpocketing is allowed. Being really drugged up and causing minor antics is allowed too as long as it doesn't interfere with the games. All fights are to be taken outside

Who should you contact with questions?
Jens (Jens.Ixchel) and Oriana (Josephine Sveiss)
►Prince Eternal of Ebon Reach, Mentor and Event Coordinator◄

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