Hunting the Hunter {02/28 @ 4}

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Hunting the Hunter {02/28 @ 4}

Postby Jens Ixchel » Thu Feb 11, 2016 8:43 pm

Hunting the Hunter
Sunday, February 28th, 2016 @4:00 PM PDT
Location Unknown.

The time has come for the hunter to be the hunted! Bring an end to Sindali's reign of terror and make Eyr relatively safe again!

What has led to this event?
For too long, the dire tigress has terrorized Eyr. From Stormstead to Shalan'ti the extent of her wrath is known. Stories of maneating ways date back to the time of Stormstead's founding, and now it is time for her legacy to reach a conclusion.

Who is invited?
Everyone from across Eyr is invited to end the threat. No one shall be turned away.

What should you wear?
Be geared for battle! Arm yourselves and bring the best equipment one can find!

What is going to happen?

Prior to the encounter Players must locate Sindali the Maneater's den.
Clues will be left out leading players to the area.
Clue givers will give general directions like, "a blood trail goes east."

Combat Rules will be posted Before the Encounter.

Who should you contact with questions?
For any questions, contact Alteripseity.
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Combat Rules for Sindali

Postby Jens Ixchel » Sun Feb 28, 2016 5:14 pm

Combat Rules/Scoring

Sindali the Maneater is a dire tiger.

Sindali has 25 Damage Points. It will take 25 damage points bring Sindali down.

Each combatant entering the fray is allowed 3 Hit Points before they must remove themselves from combat. On the third hit, the character will need to go down and remain out of the battle for the rest of the battle.
Having your hit points reduced to zero does NOT mean your character is dead. They are simply too weakened or hurt to continue combat. Either a friendly must pull your PC from the fight or your PC drags itself out of combat. Your character can not rejoin the battle until they are rested or healed."

Spell casters may reduce the number posts required to fire off a spell by one post. This is explicitly when fighting Sindali only.

Scoring System:
  • Mystaran Hud will be used for Dice Rolls.
  • You can obtain the Mystaran Hud in Eyr’s Welcome Center
  • Click the “Get your Free Roleplay Titler” Icon from the Welcome Board.

Dice Rolls: Scoring occurs as listed below.
For each post round, a player character who is making an attack against Sindali should roll their dice FIRST, then write an emote that describes either missing or landing their hit.

Keep in mind that when you emote, your attack can not be a killing stroke, unless you're the character who actually strikes off the last HP point off Sindali.

Upon each certain increments taken away from Sindali's hit points, players will have a higher chance to hit.
  • 25-16 hit points: Player rolls a 75 or higher = Hit on Sindali
  • 15-6 hit points: Player rolls a 55 = Hit on Sindali
  • 5 or below hit points: Player rolls a 35 = Hit on Sindali

Sindali rolls a 50 or higher = Hit on targeted player character.

# Players in attack: If more than 3 players attacking Sindali at the same time, these will be divided out into groups of 3. There will be a round of play with the first three players, then a round of play with the second three players and so on.

Example rotation: Player 1, Player 2, Player 3, Sindali, Player 4, Player 5, Player 6, Sindali... Repeat.

The GMing admin will direct when the post order is shifted to accommodate more attackers.

Note: Normal RP etiquette rules will apply as far as post orders and actions. An Admin will be present to record scores and GM the event

Note: If you engage in a fight that does not involve Sindali, please relocate your combat out of chat range of the main battle (20m), this will make things less confusing for yourself and everyone else in the scene.
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Feedback thread now Open.

Postby Jens Ixchel » Mon Feb 29, 2016 5:50 pm

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